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Fees and Payments


The instructional year is from September to May or June and usually consists of 30 to 32 lessons. We do not charge by the lesson but rather for the year's instructional programme. Fees for the year will be set in September and include all materials, as well as extra activities such as piano parties and recitals (but only as permitted by health authorities).

Please Click Here for this year's rates.


Students and parents will select a payment plan and payment method at the start of lessons, and the choice will be entered into our studio management system.

When to Pay
    There are four options, with fees payable on the first day of each month indicated.
    There are discounts for options 1 to 3.

  1. Full payment in September
  2. Two-pay:  2 equal payments September and February
  3. Four-pay:  4 equal payments September, November, February and April
  4. Monthly:  9 equal payments September to May. --- Automatic credit card payments are Required.

How to Pay

  1. Interac e-Transfer through your on-line banking to (no security question needed)
  2. Automatic credit card payments with a securely stored credit card number
  3. Credit card or Paypal payment directly from your billing statement or through the Parent/student Portal

Music lessons are payable in advance. Families will receive a billing notice by e-mail on the first of the month whenever a payment is due. Please make your payment by the 10th of the month. Payment reminders will be sent on the 14th. A service charge may be added to any amounts unpaid two months in a row.

If you need to make any alternative arrangements, please speak to us.

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