Harmony House

Piano lesson fees (2021 - 2022)

Fees include all materials.

Lesson length --


1/2 hour 3/4 hour 1 hour

Monthly ** 9 payments of 91.00 134.00 176.00
1st of month Sep to May
Quarterly 4 payments of 202.00 298.00 393.00
Sep, Nov, Feb, Apr
Twice 2 payments of 400.00 590.00 780.00
Sep, Feb
Once 1 payment of 785.00 1170.00 1550.00

Fees are due in advance on the 1st of each month indicated, except September.

Payments accepted by Credit Card or Interac e-Transfer to lessons@harmonyhouse.ca.

** For monthly payments, please provide your credit card for automatic payments.
This can be entered when you pay your first billing notice, or through the Parent/student portal.

A billing notice will be sent whenever a payment is due.

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