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Our Philosophy

We provide a caring place to study music and learn to play the piano, guitar, or ukulele. A student will not be forced to learn a piece of music he or she is not interested in. Whenever possible, students will choose their own music to learn based on their own musical tastes and interests, or on suggestions. Daily practice is important in order to progress, and there is a practice log available on our system to let students keep track.

Students will be encouraged to learn more technically difficult pieces as they are ready and will be taken to an advanced level when they are ready and willing. Theory lessons will be provided once a student reaches a level where an understanding of music theory will help them to accomplish their pieces. There is no requirement to study toward an examination. As of 2023 we no longer offer preparation for examinations with The Royal Conservatory of Music.

To pay for music lessons we have a variety of billing schedules and methods; these are your choice except for monthly payments where we require automatic payments. If a scheduled payment is late or missed, don't worry. You'll be automatically reminded and will not be charged a late fee unless payment is missed two months in a row. If there is a problem please speak to us and make alternative arrangements.

Learning music is fun and we want to remove any impediments which would prevent that.

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