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Our Policies


We are offering a choice of lessons in person in the studio with social distancing and other appropriate measures for safety, or online lessons using Zoom. The studio has three pianos and provide 2 metres of separation. One piano is equipped for online lessons with three webcams -- including an overhead view of the keyboard -- and a high speed wired Internet connection.


  1. Students should come a couple of minutes early to avoid congestion at the door with people leaving after their lesson.
  2. Students and parents will wait in the parlour until called into the studio.
  3. A mask is optional while in the studio.
  4. At the end of the lesson the student will go back to the foyer or to the parent in the parlour. Don't forget the wrapped candy as a reward for being a good listener!
  5. Disposable paper towels will be provided in the bathroom.

REMEMBER: If there is any question about a student's wellness, we can easily have a lesson online. 😊


The student or parent will receive an advance notice by email with a secure link to the studio's online Zoom waiting room. The link will include an embedded password for security. At the appointed time the student will be admitted into the online meeting.

For the best experience students should ideally use a laptop computer with an external USB microphone. Headphones will improve clarity of the sound, but aren't always practical. The computer's camera should show the piano keyboard and the student. A tablet or cell phone will also work but won't sound as good. If using WiFi, the strongest possible signal (i.e near to the router) should be used. A guide is available and we can provide technical assistance.

Music sheets and practice exercises will be sent in advance as PDF files by email. If no printer is available at home, material will be left outside our door for pickup ahead of time.


If a student is ill please reschedule the lesson or contact us about an online make-up. Do not come to the lesson if you are sick especially if the student has missed school. We appreciate your understanding about this.


It is important to have continuity with lessons. If a music lesson is missed due to illness we will make up the lesson online or that same week if there is a cancellation or an available make-up time. For a conflict with a future activity, please contact us as far ahead of time as possible to make arrangements.

Missed lessons need to be made up within two weeks to maintain continuity and progress.

There may be times when a lesson is missed due to a family vacation or other plans. We will usually not be able to make up these lessons.


If it is in the educational best interest of the student, an extra lesson may occasionally be scheduled or recommended. This will be provided at no extra charge.


Lessons will be conducted online on storm days or rescheduled if possible. Notices will be sent by email/SMS and telephone.


There may be times when it is necessary to cancel a lesson due to teacher illness or other urgent matters. We will try but we may not be able to make up these lessons.


Please check the Fees and Payments Policy here.

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